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Accompanying Musicians

It's a pleasure to have ALAN "any song-any key" TEDRICK  playing keyboards (piano, organ, synthesizer-listen for the banjo on some tunes-and foot pedal bass). Alan's cheerful nature adds a lot of fun to the programs.  He's an excellent player and a great friend. NOTHING is prerecorded and we use no printed music.
Alan Tedrick - Pianist

Detroit musical mainstay and pianist Alan Tedrick was a fixture at the London Chop House and Topinka’s in the 1970s and has performed with stars including Tennessee Ernie Ford, Red Skelton and Danny Thomas.

“I’m at my happiest when I’m playing,” Tedrick says. “That’s why I’ve been doing it since I was 12 years old.” Hart also discovered his passion for music at a young age after seeing touring musicians and recognizing that’s what he wanted to do. “I love playing these songs and I love the way music has impacted my life,” he says. “I feel connected to people who feel the same way, so we invite our audiences to share their memories of the songs they’ve requested.”