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Forest Hills Senior Citizens' Learning Cafe, Grand Rapids

posted Mar 18, 2012, 8:12 PM by William Hart
Dear Bill,

Thank you for yesterday's entertaining Big Band Memories program for the Forest Hills Senior Citizens' Learning Cafe.
We were "blown away" by your talent on the trumpet and flugelhorn. Your ability to play any and every song that you can hum is truly amazing. It was great that everyone in our group (of over 80 attendees) had an opportunity to request a song or two. . . . most of which you played! And, to sing along with those big band songs brought back fond memories for so many.

But it was more than your musical talents that entertained us. It was also your personable, humorous personality that kept us engaged. We enjoyed hearing stories about your musical experiences and the many personalities met along the way. We were smiling and laughing, as well as tapping our toes, the entire time.

This world is a brighter place because of you. Your joy for music and joyful attitude has an ever-reaching effect. I would highly recommend your musical program to other groups.

Thanks again. . . . 


Jean Kubiszewski
Senior Program Supervisor
Forest Hills Community Services
660 Forest Hills Ave. SE
Grand Rapids MI 49546