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Mike Williams, Lead Trumpet with the Count Basie Orchestra, saw a Big Band Memories program

posted Jun 5, 2011, 9:26 AM by William Hart   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 7:38 AM ]
Wow!!!  I just attended Bill Hart's "Big Band Memories" program, with Alan Tedrick on keyboards, at the public library in Lapeer Michigan, and was totally entertained and informed for the full 90 minute show!  I have known Bill for several years and have always thought his jazz trumpet playing and vast knowledge of the great standards to be the best. I have even had the pleasure of playing with him a few times in the trumpet section of a big band that he has been a member of for many years, the "Rhythm Society Swing Orchestra", the busiest big band in the Detroit area. We even found out that we both had the same trumpet teacher, Don "Jake" Jacoby, many years ago.
Bill's show at the library was very special to me because of what he did for all those other listeners in the room. You see, I have been the Lead Trumpet player in the Count Basie Band for the last 20 plus years and I know what it means to play for an audience that mostly grew up during the Big Band Era. Seeing the looks in their eyes and those wide grins are priceless.
This is what Bill was giving to those folks that night. Being totally flexible, he had everyone request the tunes that THEY WANTED TO HEAR. And the stories . . . .  Bill gave so much background on the tunes he played as well as sharing delightful anecdotes about that golden era.   GREAT SHOW. . . . .  GREAT EVENING. . . . .   and. . . . GREAT MEMORIES!!!
Thank you, Bill.